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[Computerbank] Epson Printer


I've upgraded my sister's printer and she wants to know whether she can give her old one to someone useful -- it is an EPSON Stylus Colour, (1995 vintage) and it has just stopped printing black and colour has gone down hill a bit.

I think it needs a new print head (as opposed to cartridges).

Should it be sent to the tip or would computer angels like it (I'm in Albany WA for a break)? I can cart it to Perth but if it's not worth it then I shall dispose of it otherwise.

Thanks for all the good work you people are doing -- I monitor it and one day I hope to come along... but not so easy.

Take care and God Bless

PS Out of interest, I purchased her a HL-1230 Brother laser and it is great value ($440, new and only $113 for a 5,000 page cartridge and apparently they are also produced cheaper by a clone with a warranty--can't remember the name).
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