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Hi Derek,
Mate you posted a request for interest in setting up a Computer Bank in
Cairns.. Did you get any bites yet ?

In any case..
I'd suggest you:/
Try to find you closest LUG and work up from there.
(there must be some between Brizzy and you guys ?)
Or just put the word out amongst the local "geek" brigade.
You could also post to the Linux Australia list.
(who may also be able to support you with mailing lists etal.

There are people on this list (or near by) who can help with structural
details, "management" etc.Those people are also likely to be REALLY
busy.In my opinion a good recycle/ training/advocacy centre needs be
driven by local people, with local intell. 

2.2C worth :)

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Jan 31 	Explorer I launched, 1958.  Van Allen Belt discovered
Jan 31 	Irving Langmuir, 1881, invented tungsten filament lamp
Feb 01 	RCA Victor unveils the 45 rpm record playing system, 1949
Feb 01 	First TV soap: Secret Storm, 1954

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