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Installfest / to-do day

Hi folks,

Our next installfest/to-do day is on Saturday, July 22nd - Saturday week
- at Horticultural Hall, midday to 5pm. Early birds please come and help
set up tables &c from 11am! 

We'll have an assembly table, a test table and an install table as last
time; we're also adding a look-see table for projects, newbies,
volunteers and recipients; we have a possible four candidates for
machines coming to visit, so please everyone make them welcome.

Lunch. coffee 7c will be on as usual.

Rob, we're fingering you again for the assembly table; Frank and Peter,
the install table; Hopefully Stewart & Ian will do their usual sterling
job on the test table. 

Bill Mac and Trish will be looking after the door & the food; Kylie will
be manning (womaning?) the look-see table, talking to applicants and
people with projects.

Jason will be roaming around building on the skills register, and he has
a few tasks he needs help with!

We're getting there, folks - and we have a bunch more stuff Bill has
been collecting, so there's still plenty to play with.

See you there!



Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/