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Meeting (CBV) next Monday night & To Do Day summary of sorts

Hi folks (melbourne based),

Just an early (ish) reminder about CBV's up and coming end of month
monday night meeting to be held on the 31st of July at Hort Hall
commencing at 7pm.

Am hoping to have a big turn out as we really need to do some re -
organisation and electing of new tech officers. 

We should probably discuss what is to happen at our AGM - and what is
to happen for our next install day...basically we need to catch up
with what's been going on and where to next. Agenda up soon. (Items
please ??)

The To Do day went well - with many things accomplished. :) I'd like
to thank every one for turning up and contributing to what was a very
successful day. Thanks to our wonderful cooks (Patricia and Linda) who
provided us with hot soup and yummy chicken skewers. :) 

Our machines for ET are near done and ready to go on the truck with
the ETCCP folk. We distributed a laptop, and we got 3 systems ready
for use initially by the Telematics Trust (few days loan) - and then
to be distributed to some folk on our wait list.

We had a few people come by to check out what we were doing...and to
have a go on some of the  linux boxes that were set up on the demo
table. :) 

We also sorted through the donation that came from Corporate Express.
The color laser printer was most impressive - and will enable CBV to
print all sorts of wonderful goodies.:) Patricia will write a kind
note of thanks to Corporate Express. 

Great stuff and thanks to all who came along :)



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