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[Computerbank] us and youthGAS

Good morning all,

I've had a request on Australia-wide, which among other things has been
promoting Computerbank, for information about Computerbank to be posted to

I'll do it but I reckon our Computerbank purposes would be better served by
someone much younger than I (64) speaking to them. Is there anyone (or more
than one?) on here interested enough to kill two or more birds at the same
time by joining the youthGAS list, telling them (210 under 30 years old)
about whatever they ask about Computerbank -- but also watching whatever
else they talk about?

He, Richard Lenn, is interested in Computerbank and the Mudgee Youth Cafe
and Coolah, for starters. But, once he and the others on youthGAS
familiarise themselves with Computerbank, I divine there will also be
capital city interest and synergies.

Richard said

>I wanted to remind people about youthgas at 
>http://www.youthgas.com and its egroup at 
>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/youthgas. Both 
>are chock full of national, independent, 
>youth information and well worth a look at.

>Richard Lenn

Give it a burl?

Also suss the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Australia-wide/messages
Australia-wide archive? Enter Computerbank in the search engine.

Regards to all, Bruce

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