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Re: [Computerbank] Fee paying

We could certainly sell banner ads on the site, however we should be 
fairly thoughtful on how we go about it. Banner ad systems tend to 
revolvo around the number of pageviews purchased by the advertiser.  

With that in mind, I'd advocate the following:

* That all cash sponsors get X pageviews. If you donate money and you've 
got a suitable .gif or .jpg then you can have a banner ad on the site 
automatically up to, say, 100 pageviews.

If you want more pageviews though, you've got to purchase them 
specifically. Once the pageviews are gone, that's that. An extra X 
pageviews should be cheap enough to encourage small organisations with 
limited budgets like local computer shops & government orgs, to get 

* All non-profit banners are free and unlimited

* Major sponsors (like BP) beyond $X (say over $5000) get their banner 
on the site with unlimited pageviews.


The Moose(tm) wrote:

>As for fundraising we need more corporate sponsership and ad banners could
>be the way to go. Could we sell advertising space on the web site? CBV
>does have a small submissions group but this needs some more experienced

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