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[Computerbank] The Do-It-Yourself Thin Client Server

Is this the do it yourself tool that will make our 486's and low
end pentiums
when connected to a decent server running this software really
get up and fly?
I'm not very good at linux yet so can't really evaluate it,
but it strikes me if we could go to a school and say with this
free software,
and this hard ware from computerbank 
you can have a network to equal anything around, virtually free,
then maybe we would get a fair bit of interest.
How about if we offered the headmaster say a low end pentium
with linux on it to evaluate..
In another life I was appointed to the remote area Education
committee of the NSW Government by the Premier,
under the then Minister of Education.
Maybe there is a way we can make reccomendation to them.
Any one else on these lists have any connection with Government?
Regards Michael

Linux Terminal Server Project 2.08
LTSP brings Linux to X Window desktops
Roger Hartje, eWEEK Labs	
July 2, 2001  12:00 AM ET

Providing an economical migration path to back-end, server-based
computing and centralized administration, Linux Terminal Server
Project 2.08 is a stable open-source offering that converts
virtually all major distributions of Linux into an X Window
terminal server for thin clients.

Linux makes a great platform for deploying diskless workstations
          that boot from a network server.  The LTSP is all
about running
          thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment.

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