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[Computerbank] Re: computerbank digest, Vol 1 #14 - 9 msgs

Hi Bruce and all,

The Mudgee Youth Cafe is travelling very well (thanks for asking). Quite a
number of kids now use the centre on a regular basis, and the secondary
(from the kids point of view) role of a Youth Crisis Aid Centre has improved
considerably, with a new and very capable youth worker taking on the role.
(For those who don't know, the Youth Cafe is an applicant for CB assistance,
so please excuse my singing their praises! - however they are doing a
fantastic job).

May I also praise the efforts of those building the CB web - looks
fantastic! - My only critique would be to perhaps echo Frederick's comments,
that in this world of Web-O-Mania, content is king, and the successful web
management strategies are those that focus on the needs of the target
market - As a newbie to the CB concept, I was obviously interested in
feedback from communities and organisations who had received CB
assistance... in seeking information on possible transport arrangements...
information on the types and stocks of computers available for
distribution...  lead times... a copy of the CB Constitution etc. etc. - The
web gave a great synopsis on the merits of php nuke, but is a bit scant on
information perhaps pertinant to those who don't really know what CB is all

But knowing that a critique is worthless unless it is suportive, please add
my name to those prepared to help in any way I can.


Don Cameron
Information Systems Manager
Cudgegong County Council

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