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[Computerbank] the LETS movement and us

Hello everyone,

It's my view that this is a whole ball of wax thing. What do I mean?

Wherever we are, we do what we can, in the ways we are best at doing. I,
for instance, am just lucky enough to know how to switch my computer on.
But that does not mean I can't help Computerbank, it means I do what I can
for it outside of knowing about Linus or Linux, motherboards or ironing

Also, the perceived difficulties of 'where do we get our next donations?',
'where do we get more helpers?', 'where will the money come from?' are all
really part of the one thing. More requests for computers from the
recipients we are set up to serve, means more people focusing on getting
more donations, more to refurbish means we need more to fix them ready to
go out ... but it's all bits of the same thing. The major donation stream
will always be in the capital cities but relatively small towns can get
local donations and the fabled can-do of the bush will see Computerbank
nodes (branches?) like Coolah springing up across Australia. Coolah is what
it is because of Michael White but the bush has many Michaels like him.

It happens I'm on a few strategic lists where I can promote the idea of

I'm on one called "ozlets", for people across Australia devoted to the LETS
concept of trading goods and services for locally recognised "chips" (not
money). I can't explain it well but to a degree they are simpaticos of
linux people, fighting against 'the system' as it is. I mow your lawn, you
give me a massage, Mary does babysitting, Jane is a dressmaker, Harry
tidies up your backyard, you borrow tools and equipment -- all traded in
gumnut terms, each local trading group having its own 'coinage'.

With your permission, I'd like to tell them about Computerbank, primarily
saying "check out this site" but also saying what I've said before on here
... as long as you have a local who knows linux well enough and YOU supply
the transport, anyone anywhere in Australia who fits Computerbank's other
criteria can submit an application -- wherever they live.

I hope a few others on here can help me explain LETS better. 

I want your permission to post about Computerbank to the LETS list in the
terms I have said. Don't think there will be a flood of applications, there
won't be, the membership of the list is small -- but they are scattered
across Australia.

Regards, Bruce (melb)

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