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[Computerbank] computers ====> Mudgee

Let's cut to the chase on this...

You want Computerbank computers in Mudgee, Don, and Computerbank has, at
least in the past, been *very excited* to get them to you. Computerbank has
the computers to send to you (right, Grant?) and you Don have a truckie
ready to pick them up from 92 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne (right, Don?). 

Everyone accepts that you Don know Linux well enough to do what
Computerbank wants (right, Kylie?).

So, when can your truckie do the pick up? Sometime next week? What day?

(( I know I'm not the one to do this but this has taken so long to
coordinate when it all appears to be so simple ))

Regards to all, Bruce (Melb)

At 19:57 20/07/01 +1000, Don Cameron wrote:
>The Youth Cafe' is seeking to use computers for a number of purposes.
>The first (a single machine) is for the use of the Youth Worker, and would
>be secured in a locked room because it's primary purpose would be to record
>the details of kids in crisis. It also would hold accounting and other
>confidential information.
>The server is required to operate as File Server and Internet Gateway for a
>local LAN (the other machines) to provide access to the Internet. Expected
>(and hopeful) uses include school projects, access to youth resource sites,
>training, and of course for general fun and entertainment (like most small
>towns there's not a lot for the kids to do).
>I'm not going to make any false promises here, the concept of the Cafe'
>becoming a ComputerBank node is probably slim, and if that's a requirement
>for assistance, then we probably do not qualify and will seek assistance
>elsewhere. Most of the kids are dealing with a family or other crisis, and
>our main priority is to offer support and guidance. It is possible that some
>will take to the idea of rebuilding computers etc. however in all honesty,
>this is not our immediate priority.
>Rgs, Don
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