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CBVic progress

Computerbank Victoria has been very fortunate to receive some wonderful support from an
organisation called Recruit.net - http://www.recruit.com.au/

Recruit.net are collecting and refurbishing our donations, they are also recording items
in a windows based database - it will later be transferred into our database. CBV is
assisting Recruit.net with technical advice / support as they are setting up a linux

We are currently working on information sheets, application forms and membership forms.
Our incorporation is almost through - Clayton Utz have been assisting us with this. They
are also helping us with legal disclaimers. We have worked up some criteria for
applicants. We have enough applicants, both individual and community groups, to run a
pilot of the program. Our pilot of individuals has been delayed by legal / insurance

We are currently trying to address the issues of insurance and funding. We ar required to
purchase public liability insurance and Volunteer workers cover - We will probably need to
think about other insurance too :( We need money to purchase these...so we are
contemplating a fundraising quake installfest.:) 

Any one else got suggestions for immediate fundraising ventures? 

We are also required to find another more suitable permanent place to work / store / train
/ demo systems in. (Although VMORE - Virtual Moreland at http://www.vmore.org.au have
offered us use of their facilities for training purposes)  We are trying to address our
need for a new home by writing to a number of places asking for a free / or very very
cheap premises.  - A new place would need to be about 300m2, safe, secure and easily
accessible...Anyone know of any  places we should try? (I think we need to make a WISH

A regular meeting time has been scheduled for 7pm on the third monday of every month at
Melbourne Uni (still not sure which room) - ?? Check website for details in a week or so.

We are about to start some work on community group networks (pilot)- (under the community
groups volunteer work cover, whereby Computerbank members / volunteers are in a sense
volunteers for the community group) - As they have one pentium computer - we can configure
this for use as the network server...we are not quite sure (awaiting legal advice /
disclaimer) if we can start to attach the donated computers. But atleast we will be able
to make a start. :)

Training is another issue which we will have to sort out...especially for the text- based
systems. The community group mentioned above will be able to run a GUI interface - they
are using the system for internet access - possibly making training much more simpler.
There is a real need to create some easy to understand / follow documents / manuals for
the various text based applications - potentially even a need for a menu system? Any
thoughts or anyone interested in helping out in these departments?

How are other CB's going?