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Your Web Site..

Dear Sir / Madam,

    Re. : your web site and the WebSearch.COM.AU crawler "RatThing"

before you hit the [DEL] key, please give me a moment to explain why
you have recieved this email from me:

I am in the process of building a new search engine technology, which
is made up of a reasonably intelligent Crawler/Robot, Cluster Database
and Cluser Query engine. I know, so what you say, well, it's all
Australian technology - enough of this licenced American Web Spam.

Your website has recently been visited by my System, and included
in either the Australian or New Zealand database(s) to be made
available to the world for searching. I've included some site facts
and such for your information. Oh, yes, there's some sales info but
I'm funding this whole thing myself, so please forgive me but I have
to pay the bills some how.

Yours sincerely,


Dez Blanchfield
Chief Thinker
WebSearch.COM.AU (tm)
WebSearch.CO.NZ (tm)


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	 example of a completely useless governement department."

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