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Re: [PC-Bank] Another ammendment - how to we make/change/delete bylaws?

Hmm... u raise some excellent points here Bill - ones I'd not previously
considered (I was actually thinking along the lines of dealing with problem of
not-enough people!! 8-)   )... Thanks heaps for the input!

Bob Ogden: What do u think?   Maybe we need to reword teh constitution somehow
- perhaps we can specify a number - maybe 20 people or 20% whichever the
smaller to constitute sufficient numbers to vote????


David Buddrige

Bill McPherson wrote:

> Hi David
> My problem stems from the possibility of many people joining Computerbank
> because of interest in the project, the low cost of membership, and general
> support from the industry/profession.
> If you have a large membership you still have the hard core that are
> interested enough to attend meetings and the huge group that don't.
> Whatever, let's presume the percentage attending a meeting called for a
> purpose was small and yet the subject matter was important and everyone has
> been sent perhaps more than one communication about the matter.
> Out of a membership of 800 - 50 turn up - still a good crowd (this happened
> at the last credit union meeting to change the rules that I attended)
> My point is that to force a percentage at all on a meeting is close to
> impractical.
> If you do force a percentage on attendance and the required percentage does
> not turn up it is usual to adjourn the meeting to another date and then have
> the motion debated by those that attend - which could be a lesser number
> than attended the first meeting.
> I believe it is sufficient to call the meeting for a purpose giving
> sufficient notice and communication and then allowing those attending to
> debate the matter and vote.
> It would not be unreasonable to ask that 75% of those present were needed to
> have a motion to change the rules carried. At the credit union meeting I
> attended only 2 persons voted against the motion making it easy to calculate
> more than 75%.
> Best of luck    regards Bill