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Re: [PC-Bank] Another ammendment - how to we make/change/delete bylaws?

Hi all,

Bill's suggestion sounds fairly reasonable to me - the only problem I can see

What constitutes an "official" meeting capable of _legally_ making decisions
for the organisation (as opposed to 3 or 4 people who decide to meet together -
quite apart from the committee or any other generally accepted decision-making
body of the organisation).

This could be gotten around by requiring in the constitution that any
"official" meetings where any decisions are to be made about computer-bank
requires at least (7 days???) notice to _all_ members via the mailing list so
everyone has at least the opportunity to attend.

What says everyone?


David Buddrige

Bill McPherson wrote:

> Hi David
> Whether there are many members or not it still is some times a difficulty to
> get an attendance representitive of the membership.  The general trend today
> is for members not to attend meetings other than the 'hardcore' handful that
> take the trouble to do so.
> I would recommend a constitution that allows those present to act if you
> would like any action however you achieve it - why not take the attitude
> that this should happen and if something you don't like happens change the
> constitution then - I'm all for action first and supporting those who take
> it.
> regards Bill