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Re: [SLUG] RE: a note I sent to Telstra EasyMail

Hi all

In a conversation with Telstra my understanding is 10 email messages can be
sent to up to 20 people with a return of up to 20 messages from the server
depending on the size of the content , in the one 25c phone call.

Now we need to offer email service to disadvantaged persons who are unable
to afford or are unwilling to pay for an ISP connection and who only want
email service. If they want to surf (and I hope they will) they can get an
ISP for themselves.

This sounds like a dream come true to me as I'm informed the minimum modem
size is 9600 and internal 14400's are dirt cheap at swap meets.

They tell me the info is in the mail (hope it's not like the cheque) so I'll
see what they say in print  - has anyone subscribed to the service ?
regards Bill.