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RE: [plug] Easymail

It sounds Like Telstra are still stuck in the proprietary information
mindset... *sigh*... ok I can see at least two options with the easymail

1. (easiest option).  See if we can get the program to run under wine.
2. Harder solution.  See if we can reverse engineer the thing (decompile or
whatever) in order to figure out the protocol (I expect it wouldn't be too
much different to a standard pop protocol (may have some odd tweaks
3. Long-term solution... send lots of emails to anyone/everyone in Telstra
complaining loudly and insisting they release the protocol so we can write a
linux client for it.  The reasons I would provide for their doing so are:

1. A Linux client would generate revenue for them (By enabling more
customers to use the service).
2. A Linux client would cost them nothing.
3. There is no useful gain by having the protocol hidden.  (It's not like
they're selling the product).

Other suggestions:

Releasing their Client as OSS.

Benefits to them:

1. Free debugging.
2. Kudos with Large part of IT community (see Linux).
3. No loss to their business.
4. Increased use of their product which means $$ to them.

That's my $0.02 anyway... 8-)


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> Telstra's full text less greeting and salutation...
> >Unfortunately the information you are after is confidential.
> >We thank you for your interest though.
> Cheers,
> Denis
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Dear Mr Ken Yap

Thank you for your email dated 08/03/99 regarding Telstra easymailTM.

We are grateful for the time you took to inform us of your thoughts.  Your
comments have been forwarded on to the Telstra marketing team responsible
for the development and marketing of Telstra easymail.

If you have any further enquiries please contact one of our consultants on
1800 637 752.

Yours Sincerely
Angela on behalf of Tanya Purdie
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From: Ken Yap
To: feedback@telstra.easymail.com.au
Subject: Re: Telstra Easymail for Linux
Date: Monday, 8 March 1999 08:22am

Dear Easymail feedback,

I believe it would really be beneficial to your bottom line if you could
make public the technical specs of how to write an Easymail client and
let Linux developers create a client. There are many old 386/486 machines
out there that cannot run GUIs but run text mode Linux very well. Using
a client like pine or elm, people could access your service from such
boxes and increase your revenue.

	Thanks, Ken