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CBV Volunteers, and roster, and all that

Hi all,

This is a call to CBV members and volunteers - Vic only, at this stage!

I am currently updating the roster for work at Rosslyn Street. The 
current roster covers noon - 6pm (8pm some days), Monday to Saturday. I 
need to spread people out a bit better, to cover the 9-noon times on 
weekdays, and to make sure there is admin *and* tech cover each day, 
and that newbies to Linux get a chance to work with experienced people, 
and that all the bits and pieces get covered.

What I propose to do is contact everyone I have on my list of 
registered volunteers, but I might not have everyone's details who is 
interested in spending a few hours at Rosslyn Street - please contact 
me! I am at Rosslyn Street every Monday from 2pm, and the phone # is 
9600 9161 - just in case you can't email me or want to grill me a bit.

We would like people to choose their main area of interest from admin, 
hardware and software. Everyone will get a chance to rotate what they 
do - even if your main skills are in one area, if you'd like to learn 
stuff in another, you will get the chance!

If enough people are interested in coming in on Sundays, we are looking 
at opening on that day as well; it depends a bit on getting a 
key-holding member to come in on that day. Let's find out.

The roster will run in a 4-week rotation, across the whole of the 
calendar year. Swapping is allowed, so long as a) people can still get 
into the building and b) the work you were planning to do can still be 
covered at some point. If you can only sign up for a regular attendance 
for a short period, that's okay too! I can keep in front of that all 

For people who are already coming in on certain days, but aren't on the 
roster, I need to contact you to find out if you are happy with your 
days; for people who are on the roster, I need to find out if you want 
to make any changes.

Please pepper me with mail (I will do likewise!), and we should have 
the new roster up on the website in a few days.


Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/