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[Computerbank] CAI-VIC Branch opening times for tomorrow (WED 19th)

Hi all Vics,

This is a wee reminder to Victorian Volunteers....hopefully this email will 
prevent disappointment and waiting. :))

Over the past few weeks we have noticed that volunteers have been coming in 
early (as in before midday) - while this is fine when there is something on 
(like a meeting or an induction)... tomorrow is a different story. 

Tomorrow (WED 19th March) CAI-VIc will be open from midday (12 NOON) only. No 
one (that I am aware of) will be at CAI-Vic before this time. If you come in 
early - you may have to wait til someone gets there. 

Normal hours for Wednesday are 12 -5.00 (ish). Thursday and Friday we are 
open from 9.30-5.00 (On Thursdays and Fridays we run a Work for the Dole 

We are also open on Saturdays (although it is still best to call and confirm 
before you come) from 1pm - 5pm. During this time we run recipient training 
(and many volunteers help with this) so it can get very busy.  

The CAI-Vic phone number is 9600 9161. 



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

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