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[Computerbank] FYI: new project

Hi folks,

Some people might have seen this already; Sam started the 225q project, 
and now he's started another. CAI might even consider putting in a card 
- do we want more volunteers of a specific kind? Organisations can have 

Check the sourceforge site for more info about the whole system, if you 
haven't seen it already.


The following is an announcement of a system which is using GNU/Linux to
typeset little pieces of paper, and using little pieces of paper to
change the world (we hope!).  I hope you enjoy reading the website, and
I look forward to meeting you if you decide to join in.

We are trying to set up an economic system that doesn't require money or
other currency, but is based on reputation, generosity, sharing and
satisfying work.  It appears that we are succeeding!

Our website has had a major overhaul over the last couple of days:

  http://cards.sourceforge.net/  <-- go on - visit this site, it's good!

The old 225q free-internet-cafe email list has been `hijacked' for the
use of the cards project.  If you want to join the list, visit:


Five people, from Victoria, have already posted cards.  You can download
the cards from the website.  The link at the top of the webpage will get
you (almost) the whole kit and kaboodle, including the (somewhat dodgy)
software, and a bonus computer game which really `rocks', in the opinion
of at least one person besides the author!

The Cards Community Project has been announced on freshmeat.net.
As a result, we are getting more traffic than normal.

I'd be really grateful if someone who knows how slashdot.org works would
submit an article about this project to them.  Any other publicity,
especially on the Internet, would be greatly appreciated at this point,
now that the website is looking nice and the software is reasonably





Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual, and do not 
express the opinions of Computerbank Australia Incorporated (CAI) in any way.

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