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[Computerbank] Re: [cai-sa] Teen Challenge -Network

Peter Gossner wrote:
On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 07:51:10 +0930
Romana Challans <romana@timelady.com> scribed:

Hey Ro,
HTF-Rya !
increasing of girth my friend, what else;)
tired after moving, its catching up...

Oh I must have missed it .. I will try again in a bit..

Could pepole look at the diagram, and the list of people and roles below, and fill in the gaps asap???? I'll update the web site as
people work it out:)

I am very lazy please supply URL :)

same url you supplied;) just the diagram wasnt, for some reason, showing up. re-scp'd it, lovely:)

I must say I am with David here.. lets leave it where it is .. where
it's all at least sort of working,
build a control / accountability system and THEN check it into storage
(e.g. your shed/ my shed Jennys shed).
A stock take. We also need some sort of universal system for storage of components
like cards MBs etc. (less space but more need to diff through stuff)..
While a central location would be ideal, I think at least some of the
gear should be distributed, (and documented as such.)
(that way we can "service" local clients easily ... etc.)
Whatever we come up with has to be EASY / fast / friendly etc.

Once we have a system I will go through every thing here (again) and
organise to deliver it wherever it's required.
Or whatever .. No Worries ..

Hey Ro you don't happen to have kept all of those boxes you moved with
a system is one of those things we urgently need about yesterday;)

yr shed/my shed/jennifairy's shed/my dads shed etc etc etc;)
dad's stuff is movinbg here, so we will have less areas to stocktake in:)

yes, have kept boxes aamof, so will keep stashing them. got some hardware here already - stuff seems to homing pigeon its way to me, go figure:)

Romana Challans
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