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[Computerbank] february president's report

Hi all,

President's Report
February 2004

Hi all Computerbankers,

The CAI committee had a meeting in January and discussed amongst other
things, the direction in which CAI is heading, membership and
constitution change. These issues were considered to be the most
important in trying to shape the national organisation. I believe the
committee will resolve these issues within the next few months. 

Computerbank Australia will strive to become an advisory group capable
of nurturing new branches as well as providing assistance to existing

The last few months has seen committee members extremely busy with state
affairs; with this in mind, CAI may move towards bi-monthly meetings in
the future. The reports given by committee members during the last
meeting indicated all branches/affiliates were progressing
satisfactorily. I found this to be very pleasing. To all volunteers
associated with Computerbank, keep up the good work!

I did an email interview with Internet.Au magazine during February; the
topic was GNU/Linux. I answered a series of questions relating to the
benefits and future of GNU/Linux. I expect the article will appear in a
future edition of the magazine.

Con Validas
Computerbank Australia Inc

The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual, and do not 
express the opinions of Computerbank Australia Incorporated (CAI) in any way.

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