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Perhaps this is of interest?

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How about this for cheap email... $5/month, 5mb mailbox, domain name and
it's available nationally and in more regional centres than any other

There's also no restrictions on attachments (provided they don't exceed
the mailbox size) allowing us to email new or updated software packages
to our computer recipients.

There may or may not be cheaper email-only deals available (I haven't
seen any) but the wide access clinches it, as far as I can see. The only
possible drawback I can see is that payment is by credit card only. 
However, I doubt Ozemail could object to Computerbank buying and
managing accounts for all our recipients, and then collecting the
$5/month ourselves.

Have a read and please tell me you thoughts.

Title: OzEmail - WOW! - Email Services - Welcome
Header - WOW! Email Services

Welcome to WOW! OzEmail's new, inexpensive Internet email service. Now you can have a low cost, reliable email service, regardless of who you use for Internet access.
bullet WOW! has no up-front registration fee, is free for the first month then only costs $5.00 a month thereafter, no matter how much you use it.
bullet For just $5 a month you receive:

  • Four individual email addresses
  • Your own domain name
  • A 5Mb mailbox
  • Full administration rights to create or disable email addresses
  • Easy payment plan - your monthly fee is charged to your credit card

  • Next
    bullet In the future WOW! will also offer dial-up access facilities as well as access to OzEmail's other value added services. Register with WOW! and for every month we bill you $5 for email we will credit your account $5.00 against future WOW! Internet access services. Credits do not apply against other accounts you may have with OzEmail.
    bullet Registered WOW users only - WOW administration facility is located at : http://www.ozemail.com.au/wow/admin/

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