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new discussion list: Linux In Australian Schools


I have requested and obtained a new email discussion list thanks to

Linux In Australian Schools (LIAS) is a discussion list for people to
share information and exchange notes about the installation, maintenance
and associated issues of Linux systems in schools.

Of late, I have noticed that many Linuxers have been introducing Linux
into primary/secondary schools, generally as servers, but hopefully
as desktops, if not now, then soon. A mailing list would help share
information about issues peculiar to introducing Linux into the
Australian school environment. This is the place to share knowledge
about what software to use, how to configure the machines, how to lobby
the powers-that-be, etc.

To subscribe to the list, either use the Web interface
at http://lists.linux.org.au/ or send an email to
lias-request@lists.linux.org.au with only one line in the body like this


Please forward this message to anybody you feel may be interested.

	Cheers, Ken
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/