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Next Installfest: update

Hi folks,

Many thanks to all who helped to make the April 29th installfest and
working bee a great day!

Next Installfest is on May 27th - please note the change of date in your
diary. We have pushed back a week to give ourselves a bit more time to get

Venue is as before, Horticultural Hall; time is as before - setup from
10am, installfest from midday to 5pm. Lunch/drinks are on as before.

If you have stuff to bring and need a lift, let the list know; people
are coming from all over the place.

**** Call for Volunteers ****

We will be meeting at the Hall on the Friday night (May 26th) to
get as much set up as we can - please feel free to drop along and help

We then need a Person to take responsibility for each of the areas in
the process - Machine Test, Sorting and Testing components,
installation, projects, training (although that may not be up and
running for this installfest). We're hoping for a *much* bigger install
table this time, so it's pretty important that we have co-ordination

Email back to the list (I've re-set the Reply-To on this message) if you
are interested in being the Big Cheese For the Day in any of these areas!

**** Call for Equipment ****

We had a severe shortage of a couple of things at the recent installfest
- hoping to redress that in advance this time.

a) install floppies: need at least 4 sets, properly labelled! If you can
do these, please email the list so you can be pointed at the person with
the distro to put on them.

b) powerboards: please if you have one you can bring, bring it with you;
there can *never* be too many. Label it to make sure you get it back (or
there will be labels there on the day). Ideally, we would like to see
you and your powerboard on Friday night.

c) extension cords - see b)!

d) Hub. Bill Mac is bringing an 8-port hub for testing; Just In Case, we
are on the scrounge for a working hub for CBV to keep (or at least to
borrow regularly). If you can help us here, again we'd ideally like to
see you and the hub on Friday night.

Again, please email the list if you can help out in any of these areas.



Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/