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Installfest and working bee

Hi folks,

A reminder to all that our next installfest is on - this Saturday, June
3rd at Horticultural Hall, midday to 5pm.

Early birds who need to warm up are welcome to come and help set up
tables &c from 11am! 

We'll have an assembly/test table and an install table as last time, and
people can rotate between the two - get your hands on everything. This
time we want to get all those 20 machines ready to roll.

Lunch will be on - the weather is just right for the sausage sizzle! and
the kitchen will be warm and accepting visitors! and hot drinks will be
on the go all day. 

Rug up - we think we can heat the Hall, but we haven't tested it yet.

Rob will be looking after the assembly & test table; check in with the
rotating bods on the door and they'll point him out to you.

Peter, Frank and Bob will be organising the install table - ditto.
Organising bods will be wearing sticky labels so you can find them!

Bill Mac and Trish will be looking after the door, the food and talking
to applicants and people with projects.

Jason Rolston, our new Volunteer Co-ordinator, will be roaming around
getting to know people and building a skills register - please do brag
to him, he needs you to do it!

We'll have tickets for the Geek Trivia Night available on the day. The
GTN is to be on June 17th, and we need to sell lots of tickets to make
it a good night; bring $10 if you want to get yours, or talk to ABill or
Trish if you'd like to take a few to sell. If you think you can round up
9 friends and make a table, that would be great!

We had a really wonderful day last time, and there's still a warm
feeling behind my breastbone when I think of all the great work
everybody did last time; let's do it again!

Look forward to seeing everybody there!



Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/