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[Computerbank] TELSTRA money for Computerbank?

 Perhaps we should be talking to Telstra?

From their press release about their new philanthropic arm..

(See the www.telstrafoundation.com site for details) Bruce
Foundation Chairman Mr Herb Elliott endorsed the initiative.   “In a
perfect world every person would live to their full potential,” Mr Elliott
said.  “This is what the Telstra Foundation is really about for me –
helping children and young people to reach their full potential.”

The Community Development Fund supports not-for-profit charitable
organisations that focus on helping Australian children or young people to
overcome challenges and make the most of their lives.  The fund will
support cultural, health, education, research and disability programs and
address important social issues affecting young people. 

The Telstra Foundation’s Community Development Fund will be accepting grant
applications twice this year with the closing date for applications 31 May
for a decision by the end of August and 27 September for a decision made by
early December. The Telstra’s Kids Fund will also accept grant applications
twice this year with the closing date for applications 31 May with a
decision made by the end of July and 13 September with a decision made by
mid November. 

For more information about the Foundation, look at 
http://www.telstrafoundation.com/ or call 1800 208 378. 

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