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[Computerbank] New date for Computerbank NSW AGM


Due to a lack of time in organising the AGM, I would like to move it back a
couple of weeks.

Would anyone attending have a problem if it was moved to weekend of 15/16

Should anyone be holding back due to the distance of travel, there's a
number of car spaces available from Sydney, and I'm quite happy to negotiate
that for those that may not know who has room for whom :)

Current list of attendees as I have it are:

Craig Warner
Craige McWhirter	(can take 1 person)
David McGuire		(can take 4 people)
Brad Thomson 
Yvonne Thomson 		(CB Central West)
Matthew Palmer 		(CB Illawarra)
Steve Weiss 		(CB Hunter)
Ken Caldwell		(will you have room for people, ken?)
Grant Diffey 		(CAI/CB Victoria)
Penni Diffey 		(CAI/CB Victoria)
Kylie Davies 		(CAI)

Please add yourself to this list if you can make or I've missed anyone!

I can be contacted on 0421 920 497 should there be any questions or



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