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Re: [Computerbank] Linux Tutorial

At 03:58 PM 05/11/2002, you wrote:
>This tutorial was recommened on the LinuxSA users list - looks very
>Maybe we need to look at the sort of docs we have online(ie installed) for
>recipients...these things are great for some, not all, users:)
>Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

Thanks for sharing this great resource. It is an ideal sys admin type 
reference for members and recipients.

I have been working with the Progeny Debian User's Guide that was made 
available under GPL in March, see:

The Progeny documentation source is in FrameMaker (bonus for me as this is 
what I use for work). Mostly it is a matter of removing the Gnome specific 
material. The rest is relatively distribution neutral.

All the best

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