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[Computerbank] Late night this Thursday night at CAI-Vic

Hi all in Victoria,

This is my second attempt to get this out on time, sorry if you recieve a 
duplicate email about this at a later date. (sendmail looks to be broken at 
work or something).

This is just a very late note to advise that CAI-Vic will be open until 9pm 
this Thursday night (like tomorrow night) the 17th of May. I will be there 
til late and am quite happy if people would like to come down and chat about 
CAI-Vic, work on hardware or install systems or use the Internet / play games 

This will be the first of our late night openings, with another late night 
scheduled for thursday fortnight.

If you are interested in this late night proposition, and there are enough 
other folk interested, perhaps we can consider opening late on a regular 

We would need to start up some kind of roster system - please email me if you 
are interested. 


Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

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