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[Computerbank] CAI-Vic mailing list

HI all,

Finally we have a new fully functional CAI-VIC mailing list.  :) 

To be a member you need to be an active volunteer / participant at 
Computerbank Victoria. We have most people covered and subscribed to this 
list - however - if you feel like you ought to belong to this list and you 
are not on it - please email me at kylied@projectx.com.au so i know to add 

Important notices about general Vic activities will still go out on the main 
computerbank list, ie invites to functions, to do days, volunteer induct days 
and c. The nitty gritty details of operating a computerbank branch  are 
discussed on the cai-vic list. 

All other Computerbank Victorian mailing lists that are still active, 
although not used, ie ones that were hosted on vicnet and thingy are to be 
discontinued. I will try to get in contact with the relevant sys admins to 
advise that these lists are no longer needed. 


Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc.

The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual, and do not 
express the opinions of Computerbank Australia Incorporated (CAI) in anyway.

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