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Re: A bit of a worry :(

I saw an Advert about the GST last night, which indicated that
Non-profit organisations didn't have to pay GST unless their annual
revenue was > $100,000.  I think that pretty much get's us of the hook
for the time being.  If one day we start getting that sort of revenue,
we can probably afford to employ someone to deal with it. 8-)



Bob Ogden wrote:
> Found this on the ABC's news site
> =====
> Hotline can't answer GST queries:
> Democrats
> The leader of the Australian Democrats, Meg Lees,  says the Government's
> goods and services tax (GST) rules for the not-for-profit sector are so
> difficult its own hotline is unable to answer queries.
> Senator Lees told an Australian Council of Social Service Conference today
> that the Democrats are as frustrated as the public about getting
> information  on the GST.
> "We're actually getting people phoning the hotline, the number that you're
> given if you have enquiries about the GST," she said. "And someone on the
> hotline says 'oh that's a difficult one, why don't you phone the
> Democrats'.
> "So we're actually getting phone calls into our office from people who
> really need to go back and demand they get the right answers out of the
> system."
> =====
> I don't know how this bodes for Computer Angels / Computerbank but it does
> not look good :(.
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