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FWD: old apple stuff giveaway

If anyone wants this stuff, please get in touch with Jen before


----- Forwarded message from Jennifer Wong <jenny@biochem.usyd.edu.au> -----

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:31:48 +1100
From: Jennifer Wong <jenny@biochem.usyd.edu.au>
To: all@gattaca.biochem.usyd.edu.au, contacts@mail.usyd.edu.au
Subject: old apple stuff giveaway

hi all,

i have some old apple stuff which is no longer wanted. rather than
throw it out immediately i'd like to offer it to the community at
large. we have a garbage truck coming tomorrow (friday) afternoon
and if i don't receive any responses by then, OUT IT GOES!

Apple Scanner - monochrome circa 1987

Apple ethernet AUI adapters x3

Mac IIsi + screen (with network card) x2

NEC Pinwriter P3 + cartridges

Applevision 1710 monitors (they intermittently stop working.. you can
have them if you have someone to fix them) x2

Apple LaserWriter II x2 + 3 paper trays (not working.. see above)

Apple ImageWriter LQ

Apple Personal LaserWriter (not sure if it works)

all are welcome to come and have a look. it might be best to call me
first (x12499).

Jennifer Wong                                     ph: 9351 2499  
Computer Systems Officer                         fax: 9351 6009 
Department of Biochemistry G08                mob: 0417 661 611 
The University of Sydney NSW 2006     jenny@biochem.usyd.edu.au

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