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[Computerbank] Computerbank statement of purpose (fwd)

Hi all,
Here is are some sample Statemet of Purpose please email any other ideas
you may have or comments.Please help as I particularly tend towards the

Hi Micheal and Warren

After much consultation with two people here we have come up with2
possible SOP.

1. To provide community groups and low income earners with recycled
donated computers and training to promote computer literacy.

2. To promote computer literacy by providing recycled, donated
computers; installed with  appropriate non-commercial software; to
eligible low income earners and community groups thereby,potentially, 
alleviating poverty through education.

3.To provide computers and training to low income earners and community
groups who are often educationally and economically denied the
opportunities that most of us take for granted. To this end we provide
them with Free software which consequentially doesn't put a strain on
otherwise limited resources.
Thanks for all your help

Penni Diffey
Computerbank Australia Inc

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