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Excellent donation

CBV has just receieved a huge donation from a company in Kew
called Wilson Dilworth Limited. They have donated us 35 * P133,
some are even P233. They have 32mb Ram. many have hetwork cards.
Unfortunately many of them do not have hdd's. They do not have
cables or monitors. Still is a fantastic donation though... and
the kind we need to get more of. :)

Already many (* 20)of these machines have been picked up and have
been disperesed to volunteers, for assessment and completion (a &
c). There are 15 or so remaining to be picked up. 

If anyone is interested in having some of these systems bought to
you for a and c purposes, please email me so that appropriate
arrangements can be made. (Melbourne only at this stage)

What you would be required to do is - assess the machine for
needed components, yell out for them to be delivered / picked up
(we have hdd's, monitors and cabling @ both Recruit.Net and in
storage)and then install the machine. 


ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/