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Linux Australia is down

Hi all,

In case you hadn't noticed - Linux Australia has been down for
quite some time. (since last week)

This means that all webpages associated with the computerbank
project are off the air. 

Am not quite sure when Linux Aus will be back on the air again
(perhaps someone else reading these posts can give us an

Some of you may be aware that cbv was on the tv this sunday just
past - see http://ninemsn.com.au/tvshows/dotcomtv.asp for more
info. Naturally Channel 9 have been inundated with callers who
can't find our website. 

I have arranged for the dns to be transferred and hosted
someplace else - but this hasn't happened yet. Peter is hosting
some pages at http://hawks.cs.mu.oz.au - but this is by no means
a complete set. :( 

South Australian pages = not there, Computer Angels = not there.
(Hope that you guys have backups - because it's quite possible
that you will need them) :)

Anyway - here's hoping that someone can give a more thorough
technical appraisal of the situation. (Anyone?)


ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/