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Re: S11 protest I will be there will you?

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Bruce McCubbery wrote:

>At 08:38 10/09/00 +1100, Grant Diffey wrote:
>>after the
>>protests (I am not hardcore enough to camp out :) )
>It is hardly appropriate to post this here but I judge the latent
>opposition to Mr Grates and the support for linux-type thinking means there
>are enough on here for it to be OK? Particularly seeing IT'S ON! tomorrow?

I don't think its just about microsoft it's about disempowering
individuals and the loss of democracy

I think that it's totally apropriate as computerbank is an organisation
about empowering people with information technology and S11 is about
protesting the disempowering of individuals

The whole free software movement is based on the premis of empowering
people (users) and not restricting the rights of the individual


Digging his heels in for a extended debate.


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