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Re: S11 protest I will be there will you?

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000 nevyn-cbv@wow64.org wrote:

> David,
> May I ask why?
> I have stated why I believe it to be apropriate please state why you feel
> it is inapropriate


I'm inclined to agree with your reasons, and I suspect that a large
percentage of Computerbank's supporters will in fact be sympatheric with
S11.  I would certainly not see it as problematic if a few S11 related
posts made their way to this list.

However, if members of the list have stated they'd rather not see them, or
are querying the appropriateness of these posts, then I think that further
conversation (particularly this discussion), should now move to private
email :)

There's nothing like politics (or computing preferences) to get a firey
debate started.....

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Peter Eckersley
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