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Re: Computerbank name

Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> At 12:17 13/09/00 +1000, Bill McPherson wrote:
> >...seems to indicate that first we should change our name to
> >Computerbank Australia Inc.
> Didn't that lawyer dude say this was the way to go, we could cover all of
> Oz by going that way?

It would be nice if one body could be set up to cover all of Australia,
particularly if incorporation/company fees and public-liability/other
insurance costs could be shared.

It save repetition X times over and means that each state doesn't have
to find a few thousand for these overheads to kick off.

A national body also means national deals for sponsorship can be
organised, etc.

The only thing I'm uncertain of is charity registration. I believe this
is on a state wide basis only.

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