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Trish Wrote
Wednesday, September 13, 2000 4:50 PM

 For that to work nationally, we might then need to make all the State
> offices who wanted to use the Computerbank Australia name become
> branches of the Vic Association, with all that implies of taking on and
> being faithful to the CBV statement of purposes and constitution &c. > We
need heaps of input before deciding whether this is a good way to
> go; let's hear the views of all, eh?

Hi Trish
I think as the Foundation Branch and the reason the other states have or are
looking at having  computerbanks.

Any branch being set up must be faithful to CBV statement of purposes and
constitution. If they are not they are not a branch of CBV but are different
org anisations.
Each state needed to quickly vote on that!
I feel the having a National body is the way to go, as stated by someone
else it would be good for  corporate sponsors, media, and public appeal, as
well as Government funding.
As far as the name goes, I think you already have a problem with
Computerbank Pty Ltd, being taken if I owned  that, I would be putting up a
good case against you being Computerbank Australia as you already have a
name and if the reason to change is just because other states want to set
up. I would say that's why I became a Company.

 Maybe it should be looked at of finding a different suitable name to cover
the  whole of Australia if the states vote to be part of your organisation.

So again I say to you people in Vic you are the one who came up with the
idea, so if you decide to stay as CBV or change to something else, we the
branches  must decide if that is where we belong and I for one think it is.

Kerry Bowden O.A.M.