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[Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately


Just to say it's a pity this was said on another list.  


>From: "Sally" 
>Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 11:06:46 +1000
>Subject: [Australia-wide] Re: computers for community groups
>      Dear all
>      I have given up on Computerbank - perhaps they don't think I am
>trainable - or they don't want to bothered with small groups - or they have
>not got the time to even tell us that they don't have the time and energy to
>respond to requests?? - anyway I subscribe now to ourcommunity.com.au - and
>I have found their info very good
>      I am applying for computers for several groups through this -wish them
>      Regards Sally
>      ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>      Here's a grant that all community organisations should be applying for
>without fail.
>      Just over a month after announcing the second round of the
>International Year of Volunteers small grants funding, the Federal
>Government has come good with an extra round of much-needed dollars for
>volunteer and community groups.
>      The Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Amanda
>Vanstone, announced at the weekend that the Federal Government would provide
>an extra $5 million to organisations specifically to buy equipment for their
>      The program will allow organisations to apply for a one-off
>International Year of Volunteers Small Equipment Grant of up to $5,000 to
>buy equipment specifically to help volunteers in their voluntary work. The
>equipment must provide demonstrable benefits to volunteers ? rather than
>purely for the organisation itself or to its clients/customers.
>      A few examples of equipment that is eligible for funding include:
>        a.. a computer, printer, modem and internet capacity for use by
>        b.. an air conditioner for the room in which volunteers do their
>        c.. a microwave, urn or toaster for use by volunteers
>        d.. a sun awning to shade the volunteers' room
>        e.. a post hole digger for volunteers who plant trees
>        f.. sunglasses for volunteers working outdoors
>        g.. ergonomic furniture for volunteers who sit at a desk as part of
>their work
>      Senator Vanstone said the Government was " proud to support people who
>give so selflessly to help their community and is committed to continuing
>that support - this extra funding is yet another example of how we listen
>and respond to the needs of local communities."
>      Hopefully the Government will keep listening to the community and
>ensure that the "one-off" grant is continued in 2002 when it is no longer
>the International Year of the Volunteer.
>      Current subscribers to Easy Grants will find details of the funding
>program and links to the downloadable application forms by logging onto our
>grants database at www.ourcommunity.com.au/grantsmain.jsp#grantsearch and
>entering their password.
>      In the search field, use the following criteria:
>      Interest area - Select any.
>      Timeframe - select one month
>      Region - select national
>      Type IYV as the keyword.
>      The September Easy Grants newsletter, due out next week, will also
>carry full details.
>      Applications for the IYV Small Equipment Grant close on Monday 24
>September 2001.
>      (Remember if you are not an Easy Grants subscriber it is only $35 a
>year for 12 monthly newsletters and provides a service that no community
>group should be without!)

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