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Re: Computerbank Queensland and the [Computerbank] main list

Hi Tony,

I understand the need to have specific lists of 'us' for specific focuses,
like ones for only 'local' issues, but I think everyone should be on a
common list like this one, too.

The more those outside Brisbane know of your development they might have
some helpful suggestions to make. After all, for much of it, Melbourne and
Perth have been there and done that.

To that end, please encourage all of your people to join us on here, I'm a
big believer in many minds working together and this technology can help us
do that.

Melbourne and (I think?) Perth can both tell you the value of finding your
own premises, but I expect you know that. You need one that is CBQ
exclusive and accessible at all hours. Our initial "home" here was through
Heritage Victoria, is there a similar body in Queensland? If so, certainly
try them, it was a walk up start for us. They loved the concept and saw it
as emminently compatible to their purposes in maintaining the historical
buildings they have a heap of.

Down the track, Victoria can use other country premises through Heritage

When you're ready Tony, I have a guy in Bowen QLD ready to set up a branch
or node. 

Regards, Bruce

PS. There's another guy ready to do the same in Snug TAS.

At 09:17 10/09/01 +1000, Tony Joblin wrote:
>I think there is about 30+ people on our mailing list. We have a core
>management group of about 3 people. There is maybe another 8 people who have
>regularly been turning up to stuff.
>We have not shipped any PCs yet but are getting closer. We did have our
>first working bee day 1 week ago. Probably didn't achieve much but was a
>valuable first step and we learnt what we didn't know and what we needed to
>brush up on. We are planning to have another this coming weekend.
>At the moment we are operating from under someone's house. We have applied to
>use an old community centre and are still waiting to hear back about that.
>We have also started talks with Career Employment Australia, a group that
>runs work for the dole schemes etc. We will be putting a proposal to them
>with the goal of being able to share storage and work space in their
>facilities. In return we will either share some of our PCs with them or our
>members will perform volunteer work on their projects or something.
>Apart from premises the other thing holding us back is legal structure. The
>sooner the constitutional changes go through to set up the branch structure
>the better.
>Tony Joblin,
>President, Computerbank Queensland
>Tel: 07 3371 1311 (working hours), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au

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