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[Computerbank] Re: there's a national *and* a Victorian one? (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:27:04 +1000
From: Bruce McCubbery <brucemcc@melbpc.org.au>
To: "The Moose(tm)" <moose@bovine.artificial-stupidity.net>
Subject: Re: there's a national *and* a Victorian one?

At 16:30 14/09/01 +1000, The Moose(tm) wrote:
>this is the general list we don't have a vic one 

Hi Pen,

Take your time, I'm sorry I asked at your time of stress, please forgive me.

Whenever it's possible, we need a Victoria-only list for Victoria only but
general, e.g. bush, city, recipients, donors, techos, etc. I think we
haven't realised our VIC one has gone, it's now become the "national" one?

When we've got it, I'd like to ask if anyone knows a signwriter who will
paint 92's front with what you guys decide you want -- for FREE. His/her
contribution from their background, it's another example of how
non-computer people can help.

But I don't want to worry our interstate colleagues as we work to find the
painter, just tell them how we did it when it's done.


Good luck to your Mum!  Bruce 

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