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Re: [Computerbank] CBQ News

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Tony Joblin wrote:

>Dear Computerbank Queensland Supporter,
>Things to do next time
>1. IBM EtherJet Cards - if someone can work out before the next meeting
>if/how this NIC is supported under Linux that would be great.
Yep they are you use the cs89x0 modules with options looking something like this
modprobe cs89x0 io=0x200 irq=10 media=rj45

>2. Skinny install - A lot of our machines come with 1.2Gb hard drives. Our
>goal is to install Linux (approx 1Gb for default RH install) plus Star
>Office (approx 250Mb). Assuming we can trim enough fat from the default
>RedHat install I believe that we can make a custom install script. If
>someone would like to look into this before the next working bee that would
>be great. Please drop me an email if you would like to working on this.
Computerbank vic's Debian based install weighs in at about 480meg. installing staroffice by default would be something I disagreed with extreme prejudice. 

>3. Upgrading working boxes. Given that some of our PCs don't work we should
>look at stripping parts from those machines to upgrade some of the working
>boxes. For example, while a lot of the PCs have 48Mb ram, some only have
>32Mb ram, maybe we can upgrade the ram in some machines ?

32meg is enough .. just 48 is nicer and 64 just sings.

>Career Employment Australia
>Career Employment Australia run work for the dole programs and do run some
>programs in computer recycling and web development. They have buildings in a
>number of places throughout Brisbane. We were put in touch with CEA through
>some people on our list looking at starting a CB on the Gold Coast. Michael
>and Ken have been talking with CEA up here in Brisbane and we are looking at
>putting a proposal to them which would give us access to a building for
>storage and workshop space.
>Elorac House
>Yes we did put in an application to use Elorac House at Carole Park. I
>haven't heard back yet and will ring them again today.
Good luck with getting premisis

Grant Diffey aka "nevyn"

President of Computerbank Australia Inc.

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