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[Computerbank] to help Computerbank all over

This is some of what I sent Penni earlier this morning, I've promised to
switch almost all of my private emailing to her over to here.  :-)



I have struggled over at least two years to get a list on which *everyone*
across Australia with an active or even vague interest in Computerbank is
-- all together, talking.

It's only recently that the current form of it has shown signs it might be
getting to be something like I think it should be -- a place where there is
"traffic" between everyone bush and city on any matter related to the
disadvantaged and computers and Computerbank. 

And until recently there has never been a chat room or such.

I think a forum (Delphi or other) *plus chat facility *plus the main
mailing list is needed eventually. I don't bother with chat myself but many
like it, a forum allows dedicated zones, and a mailing list is needed
because everyone is most familiar with it. 

For many bush people a mailing list is the only one for their purposes,
with their poor lines and no local call access, etc., problems.

Somehow it appears, people on the national list have to become familiar
with, accustomed to, people saying things about nitty gritties at 92
Rosslyn St, West Melbourne, the pick ups of donations, etc., but I really
don't think they ever will.

[From now on, at her request, I'll try to keep my private email to Penni on
Computerbank matters to this national list, I hope you all don't mind?]

Regards, Bruce

Bruce McCubbery
The *Australia-wide* mailing list
and forum/message boards

At 19:21 16/09/01 +1000, Penni wrote to me privately:
>ideas for all who are on the mailing list and can't physically participate. 
>Re everything else we are committed to sharing ideas and information and
>as such all information is for everyone.
>The traffic on this list also addresses issues which will be faced by the
>new branches and as you know it's only by solidarity and hard
>work that we will thrive and do our core business.

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