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Re: [Computerbank] finding a "local" Linux expert in regional areas

Thanks Don,

Better the locals like Rob in Snug TAS, Dave (it is Dave isn't it?) in
Bowen QLD, Sally in East Gippsland VIC, and Sue in Kalannie WA, and Kerry
in Cairns, QLD do it for their own areas, I reckon. But I'll suss around
the URL you sent us a bit myself. 

You're right of course, the Linux experts aren't all on the LUVs of this
world, too busy making a quid. Is there a LUNSW?

Thanks for faxing Bill, mate. 

Regards, Bruce (Melb)

PS. I wonder how many others on here realise this list was constipated for
a bit or are just confused by the sudden flood of messages?   :-)

At 21:00 21/09/01 +1000, Don Cameron (Mudgee NSW) wrote:

>search by area and drop the local ISPs a note. I had no problem 
>The URL is: http://www.cynosure.com.au/isp/

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