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[Computerbank] Linux Terminal Server Project

Anyone using ltsp in Australia?
We have two organisations that need to set up 
a LTSP network in our small rural community.
1) youth group
2) Community Radio Station

Ltsp-discuss mailing list.   To subscribe, or change prefs,
For additional LTSP help,   try #ltsp channel on
Maybe if there is enough interest we could start an Australian
LTSP mailing list
Michael white

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On 9/24/01 at 7:19 AM Jason Straw <jstraw@towhee.com> wrote:

>Hi again.... 
>the meeting is ___Friday the 19th of October___ NOT the 21st...
>I don't know what on earth got me to make that mistake....
>On Sun, 2001-09-23 at 22:36, Jason Straw wrote:
>> Hello LTSP Users and Yorktown HS LUG members
>> This Update is both a change of date and a change of
>> To get more information see
>> Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting, which will be at
>> High School in Arlington, VA. To get directions to Yorktown
High School see 
>> http://yhslug.tux.org/directions.php3 
>> The new date for the meeting is October 21, 2001 and will be
>> by Jason Straw rather than Jim McQuillan.  Jim was planning
to present at
>> the (now canceled) Federal Open Source Conference and then
come to our 
>> little lug.
>> Development and Administration of the Linux Terminal Server
>> The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), has a mission to
provide all
>> of the installation and administration tools necessary for
>> thin clients in a GNU/Linux environment.
>> The LTSP software is in use all over the world in businesses
>> schools. The core package has been downloaded by over 80,000
>> and the documentation has been downloaded more than 100,000
>> since we started the project in August of 1999.
>> Whether you are setting up a 2nd workstation at home for your
kids to
>> use, installing 5 workstations in a Dental office for
>> deploying 50 workstations in a Cyber Cafe, or installing 500
>> workstations at a major university or corporation, the LTSP
will help
>> guide you through the challenges that await you.
>> The presentation will cover all aspects of setting up LTSP
>> diskless thin clients. From building workstations to boot off
>> network to NFS, X, Window managers and applications.
>> There will be copies of K12ltsp or a new ltsp distro looking
>> the consumer market(maybe, just maybe Jason will do that...)
>> Presenter
>> The October Presenter is Jason Straw, Jason is a Student
>> Administrator at Yorktown High School. He has been involved
with LTSP
>> for about 8 months now, starting with K12ltsp's first release
>> the release of 2.09pre2. He also is the Meetings Coordinator
for the
>> Yorktown High School Linux Users' Group.
>> -- 
>> Jason Straw
>> jstraw@towhee.com  jstraw@yorktown.arlington.k12.va.us
>> Yorktown High School Linux Users' Group Meetings Coordinator
>> yhslug.tux.org
>> Upcoming Meetings! October 5th: LTSP
>> _______________________________________________
>> yhslug mailing list
>> yhslug@tux.org
>> list options at http://www.tux.org/mailman/listinfo/yhslug
>Jason Straw
>jstraw@towhee.com  jstraw@yorktown.arlington.k12.va.us
>Yorktown High School Linux Users' Group Meetings Coordinator /
>Upcoming Meetings! October 5th: LTSP
>bedded Linux / October 5th: LTSP
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