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Re: [Computerbank] Bill Mac

At 08:44 AM 25-09-01 +1000, you wrote:
>PS. Perhaps some other long time Computerbankers could tell everyone on
>here how much Bill has done for Computerbank since it began, so everyone

I have known Bill not so much through Computerbank but more through his 
involvement with Virtual Moreland and indeed as a 'activist' (maybe not 
quite the right term maybe encourager, prodder, background workhorse) 
trying to help the development of community networks in Australia.

I acknowledge his help when I was working at Community Information Victoria 
in promoting Community Networking....  this goes to show that Bill has 
worked to asisit people for a long time before Computerbank and probably as 
well as he can for (i hope) a long time into the future.

I have appreciated your updates on Bill's condition and I read with concern 
his current struggles and I would like you to pass onto Bill my warm 
regards and wish him a safe and swift recovery.
Ken Young

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