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[Computerbank] Re: Snug TAS Computerbank link

Good morning everyone!

You might find this interesting, it's to my contact in Snug, just south of
Hobart. He looks like being our first Computerbanker in Tassie -- unless
there's one on here already?  

There's a history behind me getting him interested some time back, initial
Computerbank (VIC) enthusiasm to help and then perceived difficulties that
stopped it proceeding, but it looks like it will finally be able to go
ahead now? 

How far off the money am I in what I said?



Hi Rob!

:-) As I recall it you'd everything in place and CB HQ in VIC were too
precious ("duly cautious on your behalf") to move ahead and just have the
computers ready to be picked up by the carrier you had organised.

Whatever. The site and everything else is double dutch to me, I (attempt
to) cut through to the chase on most things, too gungho no doubt. The wash
up today? 

The new long awaited constitution is to be available this week, see the
site on next Monday if you like constitutions. As I understand it, that
will then give all Computerbank volunteers insurance coverage wherever they
are in Australia. That was the reason you didn't have your computers
available away back when, they were being ultra cautious on your behalf,
wanting you to be completely covered.

While they'd love you to become a branch of Computerbank it isn't
necessary, the only necessary item is a person available to help with linux
matters. He/she does not need to be involved full on, just promising to
help as necessary. From things Don and others have said, I think they could
help you find that person if you can't dig one up yourselves.

The Computerbank national list is now in place and you can ask questions on
it anytime you like, someone somewhere will almost certainly have an answer
for you.

Join to listen in as soon as you like and, when you are ready, present the
Snug TAS story. Many people now have experience in doing what you will be
intending to do.

At the same time as you ask questions everyone will be learning the
exigencies arising in starting from the beginning. For some, it'll be a
trip down memory lane.

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Regards, Bruce

At 18:43 24/09/01 +1000, you wrote:
>H' Bruce
>Thanks for jogging me out of my lethargy on this one ... I've been so 
>busy trying to add sheckles to the much depleted coffers that this 
>has been on the backburner for some time.
>Looking at the Computerbank website, some time ago, and following the 
>newsletters, I formed the view that we may have to establish a 
>Tasmanian chapter/branch entity of Computerbank to participate. That 
>may be quite erroneous .. I hope so .. but that's where I'm at at the 
>We have some interest in advancing the project and really need to find 
>the time to get a stakeholder group together to put a submission 
>There is also the issue of potential conflict from the Online Access 
>Centres, an NHT project in which the State government has a big 
>Please let me know about the constitutional situation re Computerbank 
>re state affiliates, etc. and I'll try and find the time ("Ha! ha!" 
>she who is always listened to, and very occasionally obeyed, says in 
>the background).
>Looking forward to hearing from you.

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