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[Computerbank] Victoria: Calling people who want to get actively involved In Computerbank Victoria + interest in late nights

HI all, 

At the moment Victoria is coming up with a new roster system and mentor 
system.  :) 

We are calling all volunteers who wish to get "actively" involved in CAI-VIC 
on a regular (once a week or more) basis. We are trying to get more people 
involved in our weekly roster system as specialist volunteers.

If anyone is interested in volunteering please reply to  
kylied@projectx.com.au or phone Kylie or Reuben TUES - SAT on 9600 9161. 
Please try to indicate which days and times you are able to contribute. 

Currently we have a need for people able to do the following: 

- Warehousing and Storage / Stocktake (TUES - SAT)

- Hardware - good knowledge of older hardware - repair and rebuild (486, 
pI,II, III) and able to  train other volunteers. We really need more people 
here - (TUES - SAT) :) 

- Software Install and end user support  - Debian / Linux / KDE knowledge 
required- knowledge of soundcard installation and configuration, cdrom 
installation, printer configuration (using cups), internet configuration 
(kppp), and other peripherals. (TUES - SAT)

- Networking - Project Leaders (inhouse project work) to design, build and 
gather information about networks for Community Groups. This work also 
involves directing others and would also require good training skills. It 
would also require discussion with others at CAI-Vic (Technical Coordinators) 
as we have a standard network that we would like to deploy. Again debian / 
linux / kde knowledge required. (TUES - SAT) 

- Documentation - html, xml, docbook. People able to use these tools.   (TUES 
- SAT) 

- People with LDAP knowledge and skills (even some time / anytime ) (TUES - 

- Trainers - People with KDE knowledge / general unix/linux knowledge able to 
train others (requires patience) - Whenever you are available (TUES - SAT)

- People able to pick up donations of computers (TUES - SAT)

And on the topic of late nights...

I'm also interested to find out how many people are interested in coming to 
CAI-Vic in the evenings? If there are huge amounts of people interested we 
may open up til late one-two evenings a week.  If this was the case - how 
many would sign up for a roster system?

Something to ponder... and hope to get many responses...


Kylie Davies 
Victorian State Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc


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