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[crimson-users] gp2x port issues / suggestions

First of all, congratulations from Paris for the game !
Unfortunately i'm not in university anymore to play this game during classes.

Well, here are some issues/suggestions I've thought playing the crimson gp2x port v1 :

- When I press start (the equivalent to 'e', End Turn), quite often it's like I kept start pressed : it's always the opponent's turn, I don't know if it's related to the way I press the start button (something like : quick == 2 or more press, very quick == 1 normal press, normal == a lot of press...)

- As I can't use start to end my turn, I use to press the left shoulder button (equivalent to Escape) to display the right-click menu.
But in "keyboard mode", the joystick's sensibility is too high, a normal "joystick-down" action walks 2 or more steps (example : to "Map", then "Level Info"), is it possible to reduce this sensibility just for the menus ?

- Same thing for similar menus like "content" of personnal carriers and other stuffs

- Once it's computer's turn, the game is in "mouse mode", and it's not possible to reach the "stop" button to stop viewing opponent's operations

- When displaying "building actions" (like factories), the only way to reach repair/produce buttons is to use "Mouse mode". Maybe we could set this mode by default in buildings, then return to the mode the user was playing once exited ?

About the graphics of the game :

how can I get the original picture files of the game to see what I can do on them ? I tried to work on a screenshot of the windows' port but it's not really easy, having the original picture files may (but not sure) make things quicker.